Navy Helicopter Game

The Navy Helicopter Game is a fun game to play. You have to use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to shoot, pick up passengers, or shoot enemy ships and helicopters. The real object of the Navy Helicopter Game is to save the passengers of your ship that went over board in each level. You don't have to kill any of the enemy forces that are coming after you. However, if your navy aircraft carrier gets destroyed, or your own helicopter gets destroyed, then the game is over. There are no continues. Shooting down the enemy boats and helicpoters will grant you bonus points but you don't have to destroy them to complete the mission, just gather the afloat passengers and land them safely on the carrier. Navy Helicopter Game is very fun. Note that you can carry as many passengers as you want before returning to the ship and returning to the ship heals and reloads your helicopter.


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Helicopter Game

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